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Leaving a Legacy

The simplest option of all is to leave the charity a bequest in your will.  It could be a sum of money, or a gift in kind, such as  artwork, securities or real estate.  If you are looking to maximize your dollars you may want to add one of or a combination of the below strategies:

Donate a life insurance policy

When you donate a life insurance policy to your favourite charity, you ensure that the charity receives the total insurance proceeds upon your death.  This gives the potential to donate more than the dollars you actually put into it.

Donate publicly traded stocks or securities

Gifts of stocks or mutual funds in-kind allow you to avoid capital gains tax on the gift, but you still get the full charitable credit for the fair market value of the gift

Donate Corporately

Making donations to charities, either personally or corporately, will result in tax savings. However, depending on the particular situation, it may make more sense to donate through a corporation or personally in order to truly maximize the tax savings.

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